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Art is not just about colors and pages. It is also about the creativity one can be. People in different parts of this world follow different art culture. Some use old techniques and create new things and some useful new techniques to re-create old things. 

Some people also believe that art is a way of living in this world. The way of eating, walking, sitting and doing general stuff. Everything around us is an art. As Dante said ” NATURE IS AN ART OF GOD” and which is true.  Every artist around the world is either inspired by the mother nature or the nature of the art he sees in his early stage of life.

Artwork includes the human activities through sound or creating visual artifacts. 

 Well, these are the things which are very important for an artist. To get inspiration is the main thing to create a masterpiece of his own. People get inspired by many things. It may be an appreciation by his loved one or interest in learning new things. 

Art is a way of expressing one’s feeling to others. It does not matter which artwork he is following, whether its sculpture, sketching, painting etc. Its the feeling and the idea behind the art is what makes it a masterpiece.  


Art is among the main pillars of history. Its study was mainly got popular in the period of Rennaissance. It has helped us a lot to know about the civilization in the past. 

It was mainly developed in Europe, and the artwork during the Greek period are generously chronological therefore it is very easy to understand about the European civilization as it can be framed as a story. 

Ancient artistic works can also be found in the eastern part of the world mainly in India and China. The Ellora and Ajanta caves are the perfect examples of the ancient history of art culture in India. The carvings in those caves are an outstanding work done by the sculptures.

There are many temples in south India which were built in the 13th century as well such as Konark Sun Temple. On the other hand, China also has a rich history of artwork. The Great Wall of China which was built between 7th century BC – 221 BC and has a great significance. 

There are many famous European artworks which have a significant history and tells us a story about the past such as “The Last Supper” by Da Vinci. It shows the fabulous work of Da Vinci which tells us about the last supper Jesus had with his disciples before his crucification.

In the end, it is all about imagination. It does not matter it is made on a piece of paper or on a hard rock or on a computer. As long as there is imagination, there will be a masterpiece.